BellaVida – The Destin Duplex Floorwalk


Our floorwalk of the new Destin model was beautiful! Florida has been quite hot, but with all the windows and doors open we had a fantastic breeze cooling us down. We walked through with our Construction Superintendent, Kevin, and things are looking great before the drywall stage. We also learned from our New Home Consultant in the field that the Destin has been the fastest selling floorplan since it’s release! If you’d like to learn more, click here to view the floorplan and home specs on our website.

you’ve never seen a house built from the ground up – it’s an amazing experience. You walk into a room full of wood beams and bricks, and you try to envision what your home will look like. Each person during the walk had a different idea: where will the TV go? What about the couch? What about that lightswitch?

The reason we walk through our homes, from start to finish, is to make sure we build the kinds of homes people want to live in. We don’t want great ideas and inspiration to hit us as an afterthought – we want to do it right!

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