2018 Home Design Trends

With the new year just around the corner, our team analyzes 2018 home design trends on the horizon.

Trends are a tricky thing. Though the word “trend” inherently alludes to a passing, shallow fad to some, observing and understanding trends can be a powerful tool for designers in any field. As professionals in the homebuilding industry, identifying trends is a substantial tool in our arsenal that helps us better meet the needs of our home buyers.

Though knowing today’s trends can help us in the here and now, it can also help us forecast 2018 home design trends. Before jumping into our predictions, we turned to our team to take a closer look at what is currently hot in home design. According to our head designers, this year had quite a few looks that the industry has embraced.

Today’s Top Home Design Trends

Wood plank tile floors: Blending the beauty of wood floors and the durability and ease of cleaning that tile provides

White kitchens: Sleek, light and clean

Light and natural paint colors: Lighter colors can make rooms appear larger, and using natural paint colors can add a touch of sophistication

Oversized light fixtures: Large light fixtures can command attention and create a focal point in a room

Geometric prints: Geometric prints can add a modern edge to nearly any room

Feature wallpaper: An eye-catching wallpaper design can make a feature wall truly pop

Now that you have an idea of today’s trends, we can predict which trends will continue and which are just around the bend in 2018.

2018 Home Design Trends on the Horizon

Floors: Along with the aforementioned wood plank tile, expect to see more large glossy tile and black and white accent tiles

Counters: Softer-look granites and marble countertops will continue trending into 2018

Lighting: Feature light fixtures, oversized chandeliers, bubble fixtures, and pendant lights will add a unique, eye-catching feature

Fabrics & Patterns: Geometric shapes, tribal prints, velvet, and corduroy are set to add a bit of complexity to otherwise clean designs

Walls: Though lighter colors will continue to trend, more interestingly, we see feature wallpaper and even 3D paneling making a splash in 2018. Additionally, “green” walls, featuring both interior and exterior houseplants, succulents and herbs, will add a touch of nature, intimacy, and warmth to modern designs

Décor: Exciting pops of color, mixed metals, and an old-meets-new design aesthetic that blends the modern with the classic

Furniture: Expect to see simple and classic, highly functional furniture to add practicality without clutter. On the other side of the spectrum, unique furniture made of recycled materials can be show stoppers with an environmentally friendly twist

Floor Plans: We may see more open spaces, minimalist styles, but also cozy corners

As they say, the only constant is change. However, through keeping an ear to the ground and both eyes open, we are able to identify today’s trends in order to predict 2018 home design trends that are set to take our industry by storm. Moreover, the amount of personalization we are able to afford our homebuyers allows our team to see, first-hand, exactly what is most popular and upcoming in home design trends.

Though only time will tell, we feel confident that 2018 will be full of exciting new looks that will inspire for years to come.