The Kitchen Backsplash Trends to Follow in 2021


You’ve likely spent hours dreaming of your dream kitchen. You’ve carefully selected the appliances, agonized over counter choices, and hand-picked the hardware. Now it’s time to focus on one of the most important design aspects of this area: the backsplash. The backsplash can pull the entire kitchen together, balance out different designs, and reflect your ideal aesthetic. The goal is to pick something trendy but won’t be outdated within a few years… but what’s popular right now?



Here are some of the top backsplashes trends this year. 


Shiny and Stylish

Glass tile has a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any size backsplash. They can also be mixed with other material like stone. Glass is easy to clean and reflects a lot of light and goes well with any style. 


Classic and Classy

Ceramic and porcelain are classics for a reason. They’re resilient, durable, and reliable materials to hold up as kitchen backsplashes. But just because they’re classic choices, it doesn’t mean they can’t stay on-trend. You can find porcelain and ceramic tiles in every design imaginable to fit your aesthetic and style.


Sleek and Industrial

Metallic backsplashes are on the rise. There is a trend in industrial styles that include copper metal or stainless-steel tiles. These tiles go exceptionally well with dark-colored kitchens or ones with industrial lighting or hardware. If you’re going for this look, you can stick with classic rectangles or go for something extraordinary, like circles or swirled patterns.


Traditional and Minimalist

You just can’t go wrong with a minimal backsplash design. Subway tile is an affordable option that adds understated elegance to your kitchen. These tiles tend to be slightly glossy and textured, which looks beautiful and handcrafted. Though horizontal rectangle tiles are common, you can pattern them in any way you want to add a spin on the classic look.


Bold and Bright

If your kitchen is minimally designed, the backsplash can serve as an accent piece. Go for strong geometric patterns or add a third color that can add a pop of color – like red or blue – or blend in with the white and black, such as gray or gold. Polished marble works great in this application, though it does tend to be pricier than other options.


Your backsplash makes a statement, whether you go for subtle tiles that blend into the background or something bright and bold. How you choose a backsplash will depend on your kitchen’s style and your personal design aesthetic. Our Park Square Homes designers are here to help you pick the best option for your style and kitchen layout.


Toscana  Aviana