Getting ready for your next move? Tips to get ready with confidence.

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After the long search for your dream home and signing seemingly endless mountains of paperwork, there is just one last step in your homebuying journey - moving in! Preparing for a move can be hectic and stressful. Whether this is your first big move or your first move in a while, with a bit of planning moving day can be a breeze. 

Start Small to Get Ahead

The days leading up to the big move can feel a bit crazy with last minute items. To make the move less stressful, start small by packing items that are not frequently used well ahead of moving day. This way you can take this opportunity to take inventory of what you want to take with you and what can be donated to others. By packing away your home bit by bit, on the day of the move you should only be left with furniture and essential items. 

Dress for Comfort

Moving day can be a marathon of an event which is why the right choice of clothing matters. Dress right for the occasion with proper footwear and breathable clothing that is easy to move around in. A good pair of sneakers is ideal for keeping good footing while remaining comfortable all day long. Avoid wearing shoes that offer little to no support like flip-flops and heavyweight fabric like denim. 

Get an Early Start

Avoid the heat of the day by getting an early start first thing in the morning. In Florida, temperatures reach their highest between noon and three pm, with temperatures feeling even higher due to the humidity. Prioritize moving larger pieces of furniture first to prevent getting caught out in the heat. When you are out in the sun, be sure to use sunscreen and reapply often to prevent any moving tan lines or burns. And do not forget to drink plenty of water.

Pack a Bag for the Essentials

It is not uncommon for things to become misplaced or stored incorrectly during the moving process. To prevent the loss of essentials and sensitive documents, set aside a backpack or suitcase to keep these items close by. When it comes to determining what qualifies as an essential item write out a list of what you have to do each day. A few examples of what you can pack in your “go” bag include medications, toiletries, a phone charger, and a change of clothing. As for important documents, be sure to seal them in a Zip lock bag or secure casing to prevent any accidental spills. These documents include medical records, transcripts, and financial information to list a few. 

Know Your Utility Providers

Having your new utilities ready to go is a must-have after a long day of being out in the sun moving boxes. With most Americans typically moving during the summer months between May to early September, it is key to set an appointment with your new utility providers well in advance during this period to prevent any disruptions in service. Be sure to keep contact information for your new home utility providers on hand just in case any issues pop up.